Cedar School Technology and Education Conference

15 and 16 October 2022

The Cedar School’s first technology and education conference

For educators, by educators, to unite and explore the opportunities in pedagogical and leadership practices.
Ask any teacher and they would be able to tell you that teaching is a job that requires consistent learning. With research in education and EdTech evolving every day, educators today have to continuously modify their methods to align with learning styles and preferences of students. The goal for all is the same: how can we improve the learning outcomes for students?

CSTEC aims to unite educators on one platform where they can engage, network and learn from each other’s experiences both inside and outside the classroom. From classroom management, to using tech to support pedagogy, to how education administrators can promote cultures for employee development within the school itself, CSTEC is an opportunity for learning, growing and exploring the opportunities to further the education community of Pakistan.

About the Event

If you are a teacher, Head of School, Program Coordinator or educator in any capacity, CSTEC has something of value for you. Through this event, avail the opportunity to learn from education industry experts from all over the world.

Our Themes

Our conference covers four core themes with multiple speakers for each theme to allow participants to attend sessions that better suit their needs and requirements.

Technology for Learning

The global education community was slowly moving towards edTech tools, but COVID19 has accelerated the shift by leaps and bounds. Whether or not schools will continue to teach online in a post-COVID world, it’s safe to say that EdTech as a whole is going to remain a part of any conversation relating to education. In this section, we will be looking into;

  • What EdTech tools are currently being implemented across the world?
  • What can be learnt from demonstrations of key EdTech platforms?
  • How can EdTech tools cater to students with differentiated learning needs within the same classroom?

Student Development

21st-century skills require students to be collaborative, communicative, creative, and analytical thinkers. These skills are essential to thrive and progress in the fast-paced and rapidly changing world. Hence, besides achieving academic excellence, almost all educational institutions are weaving holistic student development approaches into their ideology so their students can be future-ready. In these sessions, the participants can expect to learn,

  • What aspects of student development are important for future readiness?
  • What type of intervention strategies can be introduced at what level?
  • What role can administration and teachers can play in student development?


The shift to a more online educational experience in a post-COVID world has changed how stakeholders experience the classroom, and has altered the course of learning preferences altogether. Educators now need to learn to identify opportunities and ensure that their efforts are aligned with learning outcomes for their students. In these sessions we will explore;

  • How does facilitative feedback work and what impact can it create for students?
  • How can schools use different assessment strategies to further learning?
  • How can teachers boost student engagement in the classroom?

Classroom Management Practices

A chaotic classroom makes the process of teaching and learning challenging for teachers and students. Effective classroom management practices ensure that teachers maintain order throughout the lessons and uphold an environment which is conducive to learning. These practices are dynamic and change with the set of students a teacher teaches. In these sessions, we will explore the following,

  • What strategies can be used to keep students engaged during the classes?
  • How to deal with disruptive students?
  • How to make students take ownership of their classroom decorum?

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Our speakers come from all over the globe. You’ll hear from renowned industry leaders and visionary educators.
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