Ahsan Mashkoor

School Leadership

Ahsan Mashkoor is the CEO and Co-Founder of C Square, an IT consultancy firm with offices in Pakistan, UAE & Bahrain, showcasing his commitment to the country with his constant strive and enthusiasm to digitize the economy whilst continuing to brainstorm ideas incorporating the latest Technology such as AI, robotics. Ahsan Mashkoor is also the CEO of AI Systems company as well as his new venture SabLo and recently founded Fantastic Tea.

Ahsan is also a founder of SEED Pakistan, an NGO solely focused on educating children in Karachi. At present SEED operates 7 schools in Sindh, Karachi and educates 3000 children annually providing technical education and vocational training to youths from underprivileged backgrounds. This aim is achieved by running training courses in a variety of fields or trades.

He was amongst the 8 civilians that were selected for the “National Security Workshop” by National Defense University along with other course mates which included two-star military generals, politicians and senior bureaucrats. Most recently Ahsan was selected as Chairman, FPCCI Committee of Science, Technology & Education which is a proof of his dedication for Pakistan. Ahsan is a graduate of Queens Mary University London and MBA from IBA. He will be conducting a session on school leadership at CSTEC.