Ali Nomani

School Leadership

Ali Nomani has been a student or educator throughout his life. For nearly two decades, Ali has led the best schools in cities across Pakistan and the United States. His experience covers the full spectrum of teaching and leading at special education, international, urban and rural public and private schools. Additionally, Ali has served in various faculty positions in programs across Harvard University, MIT University, Boston College, and LUMS’ schools of education.

A distinguished alum of Aitchison College Lahore, Ali is the only Pakistani to receive Harvard University’s prestigious Urban Scholars Award for his Master’s in School Leadership. In his fourth year as Headmaster, Community Charter School of Cambridge, Ali completed a post-graduate Leadership Fellowship at Boston College’s Lynch Leadership Academy as a Master Principal. Ali serves as Advisor to Knovva Academy, an EdTech serving students in 40 countries.

Passionate about sharing what he is learning along the way, Ali counsels young entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and school leaders around the world. He has worked with foundations and philanthropic organizations in Pakistan and abroad, and advised ministries of education in China, Saudi Arabia, Massachusetts, and Pakistan. In December 2020, Ali co-founded Out-Class, an EdTech start-up poised to change how children learn in Pakistan and developing countries.

Mr. Ali will be conducting a session on school leadership at CSTEC.