Aqsa Tariq

Panel Discussion

Aqsa Tariq is the Co-Founders of Orange Tree Foundation and Chief Agility & Learning Officer at Rasala Publications Group, where she serves as Editorial Head for the Smart Pakistan Insights Network/IDG Pakistan brands for the last several years. Under her work sphere is not only engineering local content care for international brands such as Computerworld, CSO, CIO, and DEMO but also focus on upcoming new content engines for other subject areas. This also includes looking after content for the conferences and events in these domains.

Aqsa, with her co-founders, launched ElleTech in late 2020, winning the inaugural edition of the U.S. Consulate & Asia Foundation’s Built by Her program. ElleTech seeks to highlight Pakistani women working in STEAM around the world and in Pakistan, while also providing skills based training to females in marginalized communities.