David Martin

Ed-tech Tools

David Martin started working for CEM in March 1998. His first role was within the Pre-16 MidYIS team, when CEM’s MidYIS assessment was in its infancy.

David was given sole account management responsibility for the Scottish education authorities who were using CEM assessments with their schools. He delivered training sessions and interactive data workshops to ensure that school staff understood their CEM assessments and reports. The reach of this training was vast, with some education groups having hundreds of schools within their region.

David has a wealth of experience in school inset training. This involves visiting schools and talking about CEM assessments and the reports they provide. This covered Secondary assessments to begin with, but as he progressed this also covered Primary and Pre-16 assessments too. David worked very closely with Rukaiya Salman at The Cedar School when they introduced CEM assessments, providing training and support