Dr. Lance Ford

Ed-tech Tools

Dr. Lance Ford is an educational advocate for Zoom. He teaches at Howe High School in Howe Oklahoma and is an adjunct instructor for Carl Albert State College where he leverages a variety of tools to engage learners both live and on-demand.

Lance has been named Wal-Mart regional teacher of the year and the Polaris Award for Excellence in Teaching. He received the Technology Facilitator of the Year award from the National Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Lance holds a PhD in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision from the University of Oklahoma. In 2014, he received recognition from the Oklahoma Higher Education Council on Information Technology.

He has had the opportunity to train over 30K teachers from Afghanistan to Australia and Canada to Brazil in the effective implementation of video technologies into the classroom.
Although he has been teaching via remote video for over 20 years, Lance’s focus is not the technology. Instead he is focused on impacting individual students and helping them attain their maximum potential through the personal interactions made possible with various technical tools. Students must be able to access, synthesize, and present materials to their colleagues and peers in meaningful and interactive ways. He will be presenting a session on Edtech tools, specially Zoom.