Ed Hidalgo

Classroom Pedagogy

Ed Hidalgo is the Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer for the Cajon Valley School District in San Diego, California. The district serves 17,000 students across primary grades through 12th year at 28 schools. Cajon Valley is a uniquely diverse district both geographically and culturally, where more than 40 different languages are spoken and a significant population of students are refugees to the United States from the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Hidalgo’s focus in Cajon Valley is the development and integration of a research-based career development framework for every child, in every grade, starting in the earliest grades. Prior to his work in Cajon Valley he held leadership roles at the Jacob’s Institute for Innovation in Education at the University of San Diego, in Human Resources and Government Affairs for the global chip maker, Qualcomm, and in Staffing Management for Manpower of San Diego.