Imran Khan

Ed-tech Tools

With an industry experience of over 15 years spread across telecom, data centers and connectivity platforms, Imran Khan is one of the founding members of Rapid and has played a pivotal role in shaping the commercial landscape of the organization and in setting up Rapid’s business strategy. The cloud services division of Cybernet was formally launched in 2012, and has now grown into the largest IaaS cloud in Pakistan with three data centers across the country and the introduction of new and diverse services for businesses in Pakistan and in the region.

Having been involved with Rapid from its inception, Imran has observed the cloud space closely in Pakistan and has played an active part in product development, to place the company ahead of the curve in this fast changing and evolving market. Imran is also currently involved in mentoring startups in various incubators and also runs an acceleration program called “StartSmart” designed to help startups get to market faster and cheaper.

He will be conducting a session on EdTech Tools at CSTEC. His will touch upon how edtech or digital adoption in the school goes beyond tools and use of technology. He feels that it is an overall mindset shift that impacts curriculum, extracurriculars and the exposure we give kids starting from the primary level all the way to high school graduation because these are actually the formative years of thought leadership and we need to treat it as such.