Junaid Khan

Ed-tech Tools

Educated as an Economist and CFA charterholder, worked as a banker, found his passion in the children’s edutainment space by co-founding Karachi’s leading playcafe brand and a mentor to many corporate workers looking to venture into the entrepreneurship realm. Junaid has led Risk Management, Corporate Governance and motivational training at leading international banks in London, Toronto and Karachi – a top achiever who has made the transition from a corporate desk job to hustling in the restaurant and children’s edutainment landscape in Pakistan. He has appeared on TV programmes showcasing his journey and has led workshops on key topics at multinational companies in Pakistan bringing learning to life and leveraging his past corporate experience and current entrepreneurial journey to share anecdotes and lessons learnt.

Junaid will be delivering a session on EdTech Tools at CSTEC. This interactive session led by Junaid will consider the methodological value and potential of Edutainment as a key learning tool especially during the early years foundation stage. Citing real-life examples and anecdotes, the presenter will demonstrate how traditional education can be made more interactive and engaging using experiential learning methods and by leveraging technology.