Muzaffar Bukhari

School Leadership

Muzaffar Bukhari is the founder and Principal of Veritas Learning Circle (VLC). He did his Bachelors from Northwestern University in the US and MBA from International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland with a distinction in leadership. After spending a decade of his professional life as an investment banker in New York and Karachi, Muzaffar found his true calling in the field of mental health and education. He trained to become a psychotherapist from CPPD UK, and runs a regular clinician practice since 2017. VLC is a manifestation of his calling- where joyful learning through play is a way of life. He is married to Aneeta and loves parenting their 3 kids together.

Muzaffar will conduct a session on school leadership in CSTEC. Many times we approach learning as a cognitive process. His session is an invitation to explore the possibilities of heart based-learning where curiosity, creativity and compassion takes the centre stage.