Rabia Aziz

School Leadership

Miss Rabia is the Founder of an online support group called Special Needs Pakistan which was created in 2013 and a social care initiative called Aaliya’s Care Packages. She is a motivational speaker, facilitator, social worker and caregiver. She has spoken at many diverse platforms including Facebook, TEDx, WOW, Ponds, Wibcon, Youth Empowerment Programmes & Camps, Corporate Events, Social Media & Television, Rural and Low Income Areas and Educational Institutions. Last year she had the privilege of mentoring both at Facebook and as a Ponds Miracle Woman.

During the start of the ongoing pandemic, she initiated to conduct Live sessions to raise awareness for Mental Health issues and to promote mindfulness in the challenges faced for coping mechanisms in the community.

She also started a campaign called #ChooseKind six years ago to educate and inculcate awareness, tolerance and kindness into Pakistani communities. The idea was sparked after the birth of her daughter Aaliya, who was born with Apert Syndrome. Upon finding no support, neither for herself nor for her child, she began talking to small groups of children and parents about diversity, the differently abled and inclusion.

Miss Rabia will be delivering a session related to classroom management theme at CSTEC.