Saadia Saleem | Marketing Lead CSTEC / Communication Manager

Saadia Saleem has more than 7 years of experience in the education industry as a marketing and communications expert. In that time she has created, set up and curated digital media profiles for educational institutions and affiliated brands. She has completed her Bachelors from the Institute of Business Administration and has a firm interest in digital marketing which she has cultivated by completing certifications from Google Academy, Facebook and the University of Virginia. Saadia has also worked with technology and software companies such as Createch and Intwish on projects that included e-commerce solutions, app development and gamification for organizations including Ginsoy, HBL and Bank Alfalah. Since 2013, Saadia has initiated and continues to work on many entrepreneurial ventures that include clothing, premium stationary, and digital media solutions. In addition to her avid interest in digital marketing, Saadia is also passionate about English Literature and has recently started teaching the subject. She plans to continue exploring her passion by sharing it with young students and incorporating new methodologies to make the subject more immersive.