Sabina Khatri

School Leadership

Sabina Khatri, the Founder and Chairperson of Kiran Foundation, came to Lyari following a child’s case of abuse and domestic violence. One incident became the starting point of a long journey of Kiran Foundation, a non-profit organization that is challenging norms and paradigms in Lyari since 2004. Kiran Foundation follows a unique Trauma-Informed education system which focuses on holistic growth and well-being of both mothers and children, and is centered around values like compassion, ownership, responsibility and empathy. Over the last decade, Sabina has sacrificed her personal gains and comfort to give hundreds of marginalized children a safe, nurturing environment and to provide them the means to get the quality of life, education and care they deserved, bridging the wide gap that exists between different socioeconomic strata.

Before dedicating herself to Kiran full-time, Sabina was a certified Nutritionist and a Fitness Instructor (Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness from Penn Foster University, AFFA and ACE), and ran her private practice for 14 years where she provided a safe space to women. Something that her foundation still focuses on. She further acquainted herself to the field of mental health and wellbeing by completing a course by CPPD in Humanistic integrated Counselling. With this lens, Kiran foundation aims to sow the seeds of love and compassion in the society.

Her efforts have garnered her several recognitions and awards, Sitara-e Imtiaz (2020) being the most prestigious one. She was selected as one of POND’s Miracle Women in 2016, and received the I AM Karachi PRIDE Award. She was recently also given the Academia Choice Award by the All Sindh Private Schools and Colleges Association. Her work was featured in Ho Yaqeen, a documentary series by Oscar-winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC Films). She also serves as an Executive Board Member at HANDS, a non-profit organization working under the leadership of Dr. Ghaffar Billo. She was also welcomed as a Board Member at Moawin Foundation, working under the leadership of Admira Asif Sandela in the areas of Punjab, Gilgit and Baltistan.