Sahar Shah

School Leadership

Dr. Sahar Shah holds a PhD in Educational Leadership and Management, from the University of Cambridge, UK. She has worked with educational institutions in Pakistan, UK and Hong Kong in the capacity of educational consultant, research associate, teacher and teacher trainer over the last 13 years. Currently she is working as a post-doctoral researcher on international research projects in the field of Comparative and International Education. Her research portfolio includes issues related to educational leadership, gender and leadership in education, early childhood education, impact of mother’s education on child’s learning outcomes and whole school improvement frameworks. Her recently published works include the Journal article titled ‘Navigating gender stereotypes as educational leaders: An ecological approach’ and Book titled ‘Gender and Educational Leadership Styles: Analysis of the Interaction of Gender and Leadership Styles of Secondary School Head teachers in a Patriarchal Context’.

Dr. Sahar session will deliver a session on school leadership. This session will focus on the evolution of the school leader’s role starting from how school leadership was conceived by head teachers in pre-Covid Pakistan, based on empirical findings, and what does the post-Covid era entail for school leaders in Pakistan today. Issues related to autonomy, accountability and responsibility will be particularly highlighted.