Shiza Tahir

Classroom Pedagogy

Shiza Tahir holds a Master’s in Counseling and Mental Health Services from the Graduate School of Education at University of Pennsylvania. Her focus of interest is creating mentally healthy schools for children and staff members. Shiza has worked in the education sector and mental health sector in Pakistan and the US in various capacities. Currently, she is working as a Research Assistant at the Project for Mental Health and Optimal Development at Penn GSE, helping school districts across Philadelphia build mental health capacity and implement tailored solutions.

Shiza believes in the overall well-being of children in schools. Since academics is emphasized to a great extent in Pakistan, she is a strong advocate for social and emotional learning in schools. Along with her colleagues in the US, Shiza is also in the process of launching an SEL curriculum called ‘Within Me’, which is specifically designed for Pakistani schools, keeping our social and cultural context in mind.