Zain Merchant

Ed-tech Tools

Zain is an EdTech expert who holds a masters in computer science and has been involved with the education sector for the past decade. He uses his knowledge from both worlds in his A level classes and to conduct workshops for classroom innovation, modern pedagogies and EdTech learning. He is the Founder at AltX and CSwithZain, Co-founder at Teaching Circle and Founding Member at Alt Academy; where he bring his experience to push the barriers for Education 4.0

Zain will deliver a session on Edtech tools. This session, compiled from New Pedagogies for deep learning and advances in EdTech, will explore the now, the near, and the next in the changing landscape of education. The session will be based on existing conversation about the shift from traditional to remote to new hybrid learning approaches which can prove to be valuable in your return-to-school planning, and beyond.