Zartaj Ahmed

Ed-tech Tools

Zartaj is a tech entrepreneur working in the Education space since 2010. She’s a thriving STEAM Education Professional driven to create a social impact by disrupting education.

She is currently spearheading QriosityNet as a CEO. It’s a blockchain based professional network that prepares students for recruitment by offering mentoring and professional grooming in a social community environment thereby connecting them with jobs and future education opportunities.

She believes that the world’s pressing problems can be solved by empowering the youth with STEAM Education, 21st-century skills, and an innovative mindset. She enjoys taking up challenges and is an innovator by nature. She’s a speaker, maker, and doer and has been the National Organizer as well as the first Pakistani Judge for World Robot Olympiad (WRO) and FIRST Global competitions. She’s a human-centered design practitioner and trainer from Back2Back Australia.

Zartaj will be conducting a session on EdTech tools at CSTEC. She will bring to light the role of Education in driving the Future of Work. School leaders need to focus on inculcating a portfolio of skills as careers will be interchangeable and driven by the need to learn, upskill and re-skill.

Gartner defines the Future of Work as the “…changes in how work will get done over the next decade, influenced by technological, generational and social shifts”.